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I. Controller and its contact information

The controller of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: GDPR), as well as the national data protection laws and other provisions of the member states, is:

Ltd. FAM3

Mārupe district, Mārupe, Gaujas iela 49 - 9, LV-2167

Tel.: +371 27114463




II. About data processing

1. Scope of personal data processing

The processing of personal data of our users is mainly carried out for the purpose of implementing the full-fledged operation of the website and its related content and services. Processing of personal data takes place only with the consent of the user. An exception is the case when the user's prior consent cannot be obtained for some reason, and data processing is permitted by law.

2. Legal basis for personal data processing

In matters of consent to the processing of personal data, the central legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, subparagraph a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. When processing personal data, which is necessary for the performance of a contract, in which the data subject is also one of the contracting parties, Article 6, paragraph 1, subparagraph b) of the GDPR applies. This also applies to pre-contractual procedures. If data processing is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of our company or a third party, and if the interests, fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms of the data subject still remain a priority, Article 6, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph f) of the GDPR shall apply.

3. Data deletion and storage duration

The subject's data is deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose of its storage has been reached. However, data storage is possible if it is provided for by the European or national legislator in EU regulations, laws or other regulations applicable to personal data processors. Blocking or deletion of data takes place when the storage period specified in the mentioned standards expires, unless further data storage is necessary to conclude or fulfill a contract.


III. Website provision and development of log files

1. Description and scope of data processing

Each time our website is used, a special system automatically records the following subject data:

(1) Browser type and version used;

(2) User's operating system;

(3) User's internet service provider;

(4) User's IP address;

(5) Date and time of access;

(6) Websites that are called up from the user's system via our homepage.

2. Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for the storage of temporary data and log files is based on Article 6(1)(f) GDPR.

3. Purpose of data processing

The temporary storage of the IP address in the system is necessary to ensure the delivery of the website to the user's computer. To do this, the user's IP address is stored throughout the session.

Storage in log files is done to ensure website functionality. In addition, this data also serves to optimize the website and ensure the security of information technology systems. In this context, the data is not evaluated for marketing purposes.

4. Duration of storage

The data is deleted as soon as the purpose of its storage is fulfilled. In the event that data is collected for the provision of the website, it is deleted when the relevant session is completed.

In case data is stored in log files, this happens after (at the latest) seven days, but additional storage is also possible. In this case, the IP addresses of the users are deleted or remote, so that the identification of the customer is no longer possible.

5. Dispute and liquidation options

The collection and storage of data in log files is essential for the operation of the website, which does not give the user the right to object.


IV. Cookies

a) Description and extent of data processing

We use cookies to make our website more user-friendly. Some elements of our website require the caller's browser to be identified even after a page break, but no personal data is collected.

Cookies store the following sent data:

XSRF-TOKEN:_Used for security purposes_Duration_Session_Type_Essential

hs:_Used for security purposes_Duration_Session_Type_Essential

SSR-caching:_Used to indicate the system from which the object was rendered_Duration_1_minute_Type_Essential

_wixCIDX:_Used for system monitoring/debugging_Duration_3_months_Essential

_wix_browser_sess:_Used for system monitoring/debugging_Duration_Session_Type_Essential

consent-policy:_Cookies used for banner parameters_Duration_12_months_Essential


TS*:_Used for security and anti-fraud_Duration_Session_Type_Essential

bSession_Used to measure system efficiency_Duration_30_minutes_Type_Important

fedops.logger.X:_Used to measure stability/performance_Duration_12_months_Type_Critical

wixLanguage:_Used on multilingual websites to store user language preferences_Duration_12_months_Type_Functional


As a result of the following technical precautions, collected user data is pseudonymised.

This makes it no longer possible to attach user data. The data is not stored together with other personal data of the user.

When accessing our website, users are informed about the presence of cookies with info banners, referring to this notice. In this context, an indication of how to stop saving cookies in the browser settings is also added.

b) Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for the processing of personal data using technically necessary cookies is Article 6, paragraph 1, subparagraph f) of the GDPR.

The legal basis for processing personal data for analysis purposes using cookies is the user's consent in Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) GDPR.

c) Purpose of data processing

The purpose of using technically necessary cookies is to make it easier for the user to use the website. Some functions of our website are not possible if cookies are not used. This requires the browser to be recognized even after a page break.

V. "Applications" 

1. Description and scope of data processing

On our website, you are offered the opportunity to apply for a consultation or a team free of charge. When logging in, the input mask data recorded with the iFrame is sent to our hosting provider, Ltd.

These data are:

• Name;

• Name;

• Surname;

• E-mail address.

• Phone Number

• Company or Brand name

When applying, information is also collected about:

• Application date and time.


In order to process data, your consent is requested at the time of application, referring to this statement.

2. Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for data processing with reference to the Application, taking into account the user's permission, is Article 6, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph a) of the GDPR.

3. Purpose of data processing

Information about the user's e-mail address is necessary for the correct processing of applications.

4. Duration of storage

The data is deleted as soon as the purpose for which the data was collected is fulfilled. 

5. Dispute and liquidation options

The user has the option to cancel the Application at any time. For this purpose, you can send a notification e-mail to

VI. Transfer of personal data to a third party

1. Website operator

As part of the data processing process, personal data is passed on to agencies entrusted with websites and technical service providers. The order agreement is regulated by an appropriate agreement with the service provider.

IX. Data subject rights

According to the EU Data Protection Regulation, you have the following rights: If your personal data is processed, you have the right to obtain information about them (GDPR Article 15).

If false personal data is processed, you have the right to correct it (Article 16 GDPR).

If there are legal provisions, you can request deletion or restriction of processing, as well as contest data processing (Articles 17, 18 and 21 GDPR).

If you have consented to the data processing or there is a data processing agreement and the data processing is carried out using automated procedures, you have the right to data portability (Article 20 GDPR).

If you exercise your rights mentioned above, SIA Fam3 will check whether the legal requirements have been met.

Regarding data protection complaints, you can contact the responsible supervisory authority:


Data State Inspectorate

Blaumaņa Street 11/13-11,

Riga, LV-1011

Phone: +371 67 22 31 31

Fax: +371 67 22 35 56

E-mail address: info(at)


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